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Planned Gifts

Stocks, Bonds & Mutual Funds

It's simple to make a gift of stock to St. Lawrence University!

Please note that these are not the instructions to transfer stock for a charitable gift annuity, charitable remainder trust, or pooled income fund. If you wish to make a life-income gift OR give bonds or mutual funds, contact Planned Gifts at 315-229-5505.

When you complete the form on the following page and click "Submit,” we will receive basic information about your intentions so we can lend any assistance and credit your gift when it arrives. For security reasons, we do not ask for your account number over the Internet.

Make sure you contact your broker to initiate the actual transfer. After you submit the form on the following page, you will see a link to a pdf form which should be completed and shared with your broker. This form includes transfer instructions.  Be sure to send the information to your broker through a secure method, such as fax or US Mail.

If you have any questions, please call 888-758-4438.

How Your Gift Helps

Your gifts to the University help to make it possible for current and future Laurentians to have the St. Lawrence experience through financial aid, as well as critical resources for new academic initiatives such as...

Providing the best possible education for today’s world... Learning that occurs both inside and outside the classroom... and improved infrastructure and learning technologies.



Because everyone’s situation is different, we encourage you to seek professional legal, estate planning, and financial advice before deciding on a course of action. This information does not constitute legal or financial advice and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional advice.

The St. Lawrence Fund is the Cornerstone of Laurentian Giving.  It is a way every Laurentian can participate and make their gift count during this campaign.