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Planned Gifts

Christine L. Koski ‘79

Past Manley Society Award Winners
2018: Lennelle Dougherty McKinnon ’58, P’83, ’83, ’84, GP’15
2017: David W. ’78 and Barbara Wiederecht ’77, P’15
2015: Robert W. ’59 and Doris Kloppenburg Ferry
2014: Paul B. Gilbert ’72 and Patricia Romeo-Gilbert ’74
2013: Joseph P. Richardson ’63
2012: Martha E. ’62 and Gregg E. Peterson
2011: Harold S. Johnson ’51
2010: Peter E. ’58 and Elizabeth Blaisdell Van de Water ’60
2009: Donald T. O’Brien ’49
2008: Robert W. Lyle ’58
2007: Herbert W. ’47 and Sylvia A. ’47 Watkins
2006: William B. ’39 and Amanda J. Leckonby
2005: Albert A. Waters ’35
2004: Richard D. Eckardt ’29 and Leslie W. Gallt ’34
2003: Donald R. Sohn ’48
2002: Richard Young ’40
2001: Frank P. and Anne C. Piskor
2000: Martin F. Richman ’50
1999: Helen Aitchison Ellison ’45
1998: Paul F. Jamieson


Christine “Chris” Koski has been a strong believer and an advocate of liberal arts education. She graduated in 1979 with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and was engaged on campus in many  ways including being a devoted sister of Kappa Delta Sigma. She continues to be involved as the co-chair of the Kappa Delta Sigma Alumnae Fund and supporting renovation and refurbishment projects at 53 Park Street.

Upon her graduation, Chris started her career as Chemical Sales Representative with the Celanese Corporation, a global technology leader in the production of specialty materials and chemicals, in Texas. She received her MBA from Southern Methodist University in 2001. In the same year, she founded Koski Consulting Group, Inc., working with start-up companies in business strategy and marketing. Chris currently owns Pro-Biora Health LLC, an oral care products company, and has been the CEO of nMetric, a software development company since 2006.

As an alumna, Chris firmly believes that, “St. Lawrence is the reason I am who I am.” As such, Chris established the Pay-It-Forward Scholarship Funding support for students struggling to fill in the gap between tuition and financial aid. She has also been generous with her time, volunteering for Sophomore Boot Camp, as a Career Advisor, and as a Saints Network Volunteer. Chris has been involved in her reunions as a development chair and continues to take an active part in the Major and Planned Gifts Committee for The Campaign for Every Laurentian. Chris is a member of the Cornerstone Society and the Laurentian Leadership Society. In addition, she made St. Lawrence University a beneficiary of her will and as such became a member of the G. Atwood Manley Society in 2007. Chris has been a tireless advocate of planned gifts as a way to support St. Lawrence. Chris believes that once alumni become Manley members “The University has the opportunity to make long-term planning and we all have the opportunity to demonstrating and writing our support to the university.” She also is a long and loyal supporter of the annual fund.

Chris’ warm and welcoming spirit is apparent at the events and dinners she hosts for students and alumni, most recently, in 2018 at her home in Jackson, WY. In 2013 at her 35th reunion, she received an Alumni Citation and at her 40th reunion this year, she was the recipient of the 2019 G. Atwood Manley Society Achievement Award for her exemplary commitment and advocacy of planned gifts to the University. View Chris’ remarks in her own words.


The St. Lawrence Fund is the Cornerstone of Laurentian Giving.  It is a way every Laurentian can participate and make their gift count during this campaign.